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Will there be support for IGuidance v4

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  • Will there be support for IGuidance v4

    I was wondering if there will be support for Iguidance v4

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    Hmm yeah i wondered the same thing.. Is kinda of ashamed because Red just got done coding the interface for ig 3.0and3.01. They keep changing window names and registry keys.. But you should be able to run it as a external app if it does not embed correctly.
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      All i need is a couple of details about iGiudance 4x, I just need to know the exe path and then the main thing is gonna be to know the window class. I dont have iGuidance 4x so if someone could get this info for me it would be great. As an example, the info i need should look like this as it it for iGuidance 3x
      exe path - C:\Program Files\iNav\iGuidance\iGuidanceUMPC.exe
      window class - IntellinavWCls
      window title - iGuidance

      Download Wingrab from the site and then drag and drop the crosshairs onto iGuidance 4 and get me the info so I can add it into the code. Thanks.
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        Will try to get it for you