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    didn't want to hijack the thread : but it went on to discuss my mobiler for windows mobile phones. From what I can tell is no longer in operation. Is there an application similar to this? Display caller ID, dial numbers, etc from other mobile phones than smart phones (blackberry, windows mobile, and palm)?? Any help is appreciated.

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    If you want caller id, you might want to give Salling Clicker a try. It wont give you an interface on the PC for dialing numbers or anything, but they do have a Java version which means support for lots and lots of mobile phones. And there are certain settings you can tweak that will mute volume when you get an incoming phonecall, display caller id on the screen, you can even control Winamp and Windows Media Player from the phone via Bluetooth. Its worth checking out.

    As far as having an interface for the computer though, I cant think of any except for PhoCo
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      cool i'll give it a shot. my phone (samsung m520) isn't on the supported list, but there isn't a whole lot of samsungs on the list and they're one of the top 3 manufactures i believe..