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whats different in v2.07 than 2.05?

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  • whats different in v2.07 than 2.05?

    just curious...

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    Originally posted by Tim97rs
    just curious...
    Where are these posts coming from? This is the 3rd one I missed. So sorry! The difference is mainly a couple of bug fixes. My numbering scheme is like this; If there are bug fixes I will just increase the last number, if there is a major revision, I will add a number in the next position, where the 0 is, and then if I do a totally redone interface and add or remove modules, I will change the first number. So if I do a couple of bug fixes that correct runtime errors, I will change it from 2.05 to 2.06 to 2.07 etc. If I just do a really small bug fix, like the controls are doing something stange with no errrors, and I want to change it, I will add the letter in the alphabet up until I hit the letter D, then I will increase the last number. My next version with the totally redone DVD module and the redone iGuidance GPS module then the version will be 2.10a. Sorry for the long winded explanation.
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