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  • Volume bar?

    hello there red,
    i asked you this a few months back and just wondered if it was any more possible now

    the query is too be able to have a volume bar stretched between the two volume buttons (behind the track name)
    that way i can select any volume with a singe press

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    Great Idea! I second this...
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    Shutdown/Startup is working excellent!
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      Originally posted by we87 View Post
      Great Idea! I second this...
      Yes thats one hell of an idea. I was going to release the next version this month, but Im going to delay it so I can add that. Thanks!
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        Darn green beast now we have to wait longer... (JK) LOL
        I am glad to hear mobile impact is being redefined..

        Now if only we could get red to lean towards (cough) HQCT integration(cough)...

        I wanna buy a boat now mobile impact/nautica coming soon.
        KIAs can have car pcs too..