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Can we get .ogg?

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  • Can we get .ogg?

    Is there anyway to get MI to play .ogg songs?

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    Originally posted by Montanaja
    Is there anyway to get MI to play .ogg songs?
    Sorry; I didnt give the program ogg support and I dont have any plans of adding it. Ogg files are nice, but they never became standardized nor very popular. Their file size is much too big on the average and you can get the same quality out of mp3s. Plus you have to have an additional 3rd party codec for Windows Media Player to play them, which MI is built around. Thank you for asking though.
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      damn, I guess I have to convert like 20gb of music


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        MI can play any audio file,just rename the files with the extention .mp3 it works for me,of course if you have the ogg codec for wmp installed.i can even play ac3 files in full 5.1 sound.
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