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sprint wireless card as router?

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  • sprint wireless card as router?

    not trying to steal but just utilize service. Is there a way to use a Sprint paid wireless card in any way to use on more than one computer? Thanks

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    I think this will work. Mobile router
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      If by "paid wireless card" you mean a cellular card and you're using windows, you should be able to use Internet Connection Sharing to share the connection.



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        re paid sprint wireless card

        Yes, like the aircard or any of the various brands. We are thinking of dropping Charter Pipeline and trying to figure out if it will work at home with desktop pcs and also ona trip with multiple laptop computers. Any information pro or con would be appreciated.


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          You're just talking about an ad-hoc network aren't you? If your laptop is connected to the internet, it shouldn't matter how it's connected... other computers on the same network should be able to share the internet connection if they're connected ad-hoc.
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            ad-hoc network

            I am unfamiliar with this ad-hoc network. I am trying to cut out unnecessary expense and still be able to connect to the internet as quick as the Charter Pipeline. I will pursue this new knowledge. thanks


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              How to set up a wireless network without a router.


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                wireless router

                Thanks for the answer. I didn't turn on this lap top for a day. I'll study on this. Pilot


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                  Hi, have you tried to use this ad-hoc thing with a sprint/nextel wireless/ air card as far as replacing it with a wired (charter or roadrunner) cable service. I am trying to use this ad-hoc service to use with a home network and also to use "on the road" with laptops. thanks in advance pilot