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AutoPlay 1.2 Released 16-Nov-2002

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  • AutoPlay 1.2 Released 16-Nov-2002

    EDIT : Sorry for the second posting, but I felt that now Auto-Play has its own little 'world' to co-exist in that I should post a thread for each new release, that way threads don't get too big and we can keep bugs/questions/errors related to their rightful/specfic release version. I addition it makes for a nice announcement system for new versions of Auto-Play in the future...

    Well here it is, version 1.2 of Auto-Play. Here are the highlights -
    • All file read/write routines now use native VB6 calls, eliminating the need for the 'scrrun.dll'.
    • Improved folder/file checking routines which should eliminate some possible file access issues.
    • Generated playlists no longer uses drive letter specific mp3 file paths. This works better where you organize your mp3 media and execute playlistbuild.exe on a PC different from your mp3car PC and the drive letter mappings are different.
    • Removed the need for 'mscomctl.ocx' with playlistbuild.exe, which should fix most peoples problems trying to get this to run.
    • mp3s that cannot have their time info successfully calculated by playlistbuild.exe are now added to the playlist with a zero time length, instead of halting the program. I am still on the lookout for some more reliable mp3 time reading source code to solve this issue.
    • The IRMan keypress config file is now saved/loaded as irman.bin and must now be present in the same folder as autoplay.exe.
    • Winamp now shuts down automatically on program exit.
    • Leaving blank/omitting the videopath parameter in autoplay.ini will disable the DivX playback ability.
    • A few other minor bug fixes/improvements.

    basically its just an update to fix the bulk of the problems/issues people were having with the software upto this point. If all is good now, I will now starting looking at expanding the flexbility of the software/new features.

    Anyway, try it out (again) - if there are any troubles/problems be sure to report them back, the feedback upto this point has been nothing short of unreal... and very helpful - thanks guys...

    As a side note, I discovered that after re-installing windows 98/98lite on my mp3car PC you need to install the 'Direct Media & Active Movie' components within windows setup in addtion to the DivX CODEC for DivX playback to work successfully. This should only be an issue for win95/98 OS as far as I know.

    Project - GAME OVER :(

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    Excellent software I must say. This is what I will be using since I haven't been able to get my hands on any sort of touch screen. Thanks for all your hard work magnetik. Wish I had the discipline and 'know-how' to relearn C++, VB, and everything else I glazed over in high school programming.
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      Hi i really like your work and i'm going to give it a try

      her is a list of things i thonk you should

      1- add a pause button
      2- add an att "muting gradualy and when pressed again would go back to the initial volume
      3- add an init file were we can pick which key would do what
      4- Besides playing already built playlists could you make it compatible with " reproduction control" ?

      I really liked it and i think i'm going to try and make my own.
      nice work.
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        life has been flat out at the moment, making Auto-Play work very slow... and getting near the 'festive season' doesnt help.... but I am slowly getting version 1.3 ready..

        1. Pause button - should be easy to add
        2. Muting already does that..... but maybe its not suttle enough in its muting speed? Might havta make that config controlled maybe..
        3. Comming in next version
        4. Reproduction control? Sorry in the dark there...

        glad u like it....
        Project - GAME OVER :(


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          Reproduction control
          I found iot on winamps website.
          It automaticaly loads files from a directory and removes deadfiles from the playlist , also it add mp3z to the playlist when you insert a CD and removes them when you remove the CD
          It's a pretty complete plugin .

          Here is what they say on winamps description

          Allows you to have more control over Winamp. Autoplay, scan CDs and directories, Hotkeys, etc

          Download rep control from winamps website
          Apple Ipod 20gig 4th gen black and white. Saves you lots of time. and a pocketpc with wifi for the ocasional email cheking and mapping at a hotspot.