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Volume Bar glitch...

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  • Volume Bar glitch...

    Great piece of software! I love it!
    One thing I noticed after a quick scan through was that the volume bar wasnt filling up completely at the 100% region...some parts of the bars would be left empty (the very bottom).

    Oh, and does it play .mpg or .mpeg files? coz all my music DivX files are mpg's, not avi's.

    Thanks for releasing the software for the rest of us! Now to get an LCD screen other than my character display
    Jarrod - Holden VX S!

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    Re: Volume Bar glitch...

    hehehehe.... was waiting for someone to notice that!!! very observant aint ya! I have my gains set that 1/2 way volume will blast your ears like crazy anyway, so I never see anything about 70% will be fixed for the next version tho..

    it should play mpeg/mpg with a bit of work...... I have this request from a few people... again next version
    Project - GAME OVER :(


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      The Volume bar does fill all the way up its just the "skin" has a gradient and some times you cant see the bottom of the volume bar...In the other thread I have another skin you could download and try, up to you.

      Auto play does not play mpeg or mpgs I dont know if hes going to write more code for this but all I have done is downloaded a plug-in for winamp and went with that works great now I can play my AVIs Mpegs MPGs WMP all in one sweet player


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        nice thinkin.... but yeah I will get around to adding mpg/mpeg/wmp support.... its been requested alot - just need to download a few to try

        ill chek out the vol bar issue, it might just be what u say about the gradient.. was in a 'arty' mood at the time either way it will be fixed...
        Project - GAME OVER :(


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          LOL if you want I will post wich Video plug-in I use with your app. as I said works great!!

          Smartass......damn that was a good laugh for the night