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AutoPlay 1.3 Released 16-Dec-2002

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  • AutoPlay 1.3 Released 16-Dec-2002

    Finally got another release 'out the door' - most likely the last one for this year with XMas/NYE commitments comming up

    anyway, heres whats new -
    • Ability to re-define keyboard control keys via the new 'keyboardsetup.exe' utility.
    • Added a 'Loading...' message to the start of the video playback routine when playback takes some time to startup.
    • Initial startup volume can now be defined through a 'startupvolumestep' parameter in 'autoplay.ini'.
    • Video player now loads .mpg and .mpeg video files along with .avi files.
    • and a few other changes/fixes
    assuming that all of the major bugs/errors are now solved my next programming efforts will be focused on -
    • allowing the nesting of mp3 folders (for genre/artist/album grouping, etc...)
    • the ability to select mp3 tracks in the current playlist without stopping current audio playback.
    These are both features that have been requested alot and im starting to think I would like them too!

    As always, keep the comments/bugs/ideas comming.... and enjoy..
    Project - GAME OVER :(

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    Re: AutoPlay 1.3 Released 16-Dec-2002

    woo nice, I'll try it as soon as i get home
    My cars


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      really nice