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  • new feature ?

    how about making AP less demanding... ... as for us VIA CPU owners (at least for my 800)

    ehm... in the new release.. a config, to be able to remove all those slide's and extra effects AP's doing in between directory changing... would be nice )


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    Re: new feature ?

    well im gonna be in the VIA 800 boat very soon anyway... does AP have some struggles with it??? I wouldnt think it would tho?

    I could remove the slides in/out, but you can bypass em with a press of the play key already.... im just a bit worried now that your VIA 800 cant cope with AP???
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      Video Card?

      I found that the major delays with the sliding windows was with my video card.

      My home computer is a 600 Mhz box with an ATI Radion 7500 video card.

      My Mp3 box is a 500 Mhz celeron and it HAD a crappy 4 meg vid card and there was a HUGE difference between the two when it came to autoplay. Problem solved for me when I found an ATI Rage Pro AGP card for 20 bucks .

      So, that being said try looking at the video card before looking at the processor.

      Also, I have played with the VIA 800 in the same box as my 600 celeron. I ran some benchmarks and found them to be nearly equal. Hell the celeron accually ran faster in some catagories.

      Once again, so, Celeron 600 == VIA 800

      Thats all for now.
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        hrm, havta give it some tests with my VIA 800 and AP when I get the chance..... but surely if I could get the VIA to play DivX5 movies great, then it can handle my simplistic scroll FX routines? unless windows BitBlt routines are THAT bad..... im sure there is a simple solution
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          I didnt think simple scroll fx should be that demanding either... but i was hehe

          i have VIA 800 and GF4 MX ... maybe the slide effect has a Delay because i have a Nvidia PCI card ?... I cant do anything about it .. Shuttle SV25 doesnt even have a AGP slot ..

          yeah, ive noticed by pressing play or stop twice it skips the scroll thingy.. and thats what im doing

          dont know why it struggles that much with it.. it did it in Windows98, Windows98Lite, WindowsME and WindowsXP (iwe tried every OS on the little Carputer of mine

          just to see if AP would start up normally with Hibernation and STR .. it did it in WindowsME ... once .... hehe .. then after that.. the AP would resume after hibernation / suspend to ram (STR) with the error .. runtime error -6 ...

          maybe the installation of DXmedia made it screw up... because it worked perfectly when I only had Vbrun ... *I just thought of this... it just struck me.. that this could be it..*



          ok.. ill check into it today..

          But a config to AP would be nice anyhow and a feature that could disable slide effects could be an option


          Ps: VIA 800 uses around 70 - 100% CPU usage with slide effects...
          "If A equals success, then the formula is: A=X+Y+Z. X is work. Y is play. Z is keep your mouth shut."
          Albert Einstein


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            yeah it will stick at 100% regardless...... thats just how I coded it for the moment...

            Im thinkin of actually using DirectDraw with DX7 instead of BitBlit routines...... might give me that speed advantage that I need....

            but at the moment ill just wait until I can get my own testing with the VIA 800 done.....
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              AAH, Perfect cuz my t-bird 1400Mhz also stuck at 100% ...

              Is it a lot of work to reencode it to DirectDraw?

              I think that would make you possible to do alot of other nice effects also?

              Best Regards
              "If A equals success, then the formula is: A=X+Y+Z. X is work. Y is play. Z is keep your mouth shut."
              Albert Einstein


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                not really, havent tinkered with DX for a while tho...

                but it should improve the speed and efficiency of the program, plus allow for some 'neat' FX, like u mention...
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                  I downloaded Autoplay and within minutes I was browsing my mp3's and video on my tv in my living room ,this program rocks, thanks. Now as for features I have a few ideas,

                  1. Modification of playlistbuild to support command line options ie; playlistbuild.exe /d: build.txt
                  where /d: menas read from d drive (cd rom)
                  build.txt is a file specifying which files to put where for example


                  \rock\ \mp3s\rock\
                  \pop\ \mp3s\pop\

                  what this does is tell it where to copy the files from the cd rom to and put them in the mp3 folder and then automatically run playlistbuild.exe with no intervention

                  the whole idea for this is as follows, for people that run autoplay the idea is that it will run without a keyboard so if you could just put your new songs on a cd and organize them in s certain way then insert it in your car pc, when the pc first boots it looks for a cd if it finds one then it processes the cd and auto copies the files into the location stated in build.txt then rebuilds the playlists??
                  sound to complicated????? just an idea so you dont have to hook up a kb or run a lan cable to your car??

                  also my setupcurrently uses a 4X20 lcd along with autoplay to show mp3 info from winamp on the character lcd as well as the 7" xenarc. but it doesnt support the titles in media player files, could you add a lcd driver for auto play maybe

                  besides that autoplay rocks!!!!!!!!!
                  way less buggy than Cobra and definitley easier to setup