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MP3's several DIR's deep

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  • MP3's several DIR's deep

    I have my mp3 collection set up using a lot of directories to keep the mp3's straight.

    for example

    F:\Media\MP3\C\Chevelle\Wonder What's Next\Chevelle - The Red.mp3

    F:\Media\MP3\S\System Of A Down\Steal This Album!\System Of A Down - Highway Song.mp3

    auto play does not like this and wont find my mp3's. I Like my system and really dont want to rearange my mp3's. They are much easier to find for me.

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    use media engine


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      its in the works...... and ignore the advice above

      nar dont if u dont wanna.... Autoplay is on my time, Media engine has the advantage of many programmers. current efforts are on DirectX GUI (which is 40% done) and then onto some of these playlisting issues..
      Project - GAME OVER :(


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        Yeah keep it up Magnetik, dont let them get u hehe...

        Richard (trusty autoplay user)
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          Originally posted by az1324
          use media engine
          Media engine doens't support deep folders either unless you manually build your playlists
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