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Key binding problems

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  • Key binding problems

    I am sure that this program is awesome and I appreciate the time spent making the perfect program for a custom mp3 player. However, no matter what i do, I can not bind the keys. I bind them and save the file then go back and the file did not update. I click on the default box and change it, then go back and its set back at "Q". I have deleted the file and made a new one.....still does the same thing. I tried it on four different computers and it does the same thing.

    I am well aware this program works with other people so it doesnt do any good for people to reply with "it works on mine". Like I said, I am well aware that is works on most peoples system.

    maybe magnetik can answer it.



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    you don't have the program running in the background do you ?
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      are the files write protected?
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        very werid.... I dont know what the issue could be....

        can you pls post your OS type/etc/etc? Tho I really dont know where the problem could lie... ?
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          Hey thanks for the quick reply!

          No, i dont have the program running.

          I am using windows xp professional SP1.

          I wish I could explain more, but I dont know what else to say.

          I really want this to work....I hate trying to use keys with winamp.