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AutoPlay 1.40 Released 10-April-2003

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  • AutoPlay 1.40 Released 10-April-2003

    Its that time again........

    Here are the features -
    • Nested playlisting to virtually an unlimited depth. I know alot of people with their mega mp3 collections will be happy about this.
    • Ability to resize the Autoplay window/screen size. Again requested by quite a few in the past - mainly due to the fact that their TV out video card & TFT screen behaves alot better at an 800x600 res.... Be aware that AP is still 640x480 at heart, so increasing the screen size will in no way improve the resolution of the application. Its basically like zooming in on an image file in your fave imagning proggie
    • current playback volume is now saved switching between MP3/Video playback modes
    • Tweaked default skin colors slightly - easier on the eye
    • Packaged the latest Winamp 2.90

    as always, keep the bugs/suggestions comming. As the regulars will have noticed, I have slowed down a little lately - due to work commitments and the fact that I have just setup a new business for myself (web site application development) which as exciting as it is - takes up a HEAP of time.

    But be assured that I am still enjoying the work on AP - and will keep it going for quite a while yet - or at least until I feel my personal wishlist of features are meet...

    as always get the latest build from -
    Project - GAME OVER :(

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    Ive started messing with 1.40 this morning (funny its the 9th, must have got a pre-release beta copy j/k). Anyway, I ran your playlist maker program and ran into a few problems. A few things to start off with though is that this is in my house, not my car and second, I have a drive for media (music, movies etc.) and a drive for my operating system etc.

    1.) The first problem I ran into was when I tried to store the playlists in c:\autoplay\playlists. It built the playlists and everything as it seemingly should have but when I went into autoplay it just continually cycling through the playlist. Obviously because it couldnt find the files. I opened the m3u file and found out that it gave the music locations as c:\music\artist\album\songfile.mp3. Well, my music is at d:\music.

    2.) Then I tried to store the palylists in d:\music\playlists\autoplay. I re ran the playlist program and it created about 10 playlists, then pops up the error message "Runtime error '76': Path Not Found" (i tried it several times, each getting same result.) Well, I was like, wtf but ok, ill see what it did with the few it created. On the ones it successfully created, they are missing song file #1 and one on album, it starts on song #10.

    I swear Im not trying to gripe or anything, just wanting to pass all this on to you. Im sure many people use dual hard drives in their car setup so it might be a problem that many people will run into. Other than that, progressing along nicely. Im glad you didnt drop this even though you are swapped with work etc. Good luck.
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      thanks for that..... ill study what you wrote and try to track the bugz down...... I knew there would be a few problems.....
      Project - GAME OVER :(


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        damn cant get to your site to download it I will try again later I guess...

        Nice work magnetik


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          It rocks - cool thanks magnetik
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