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keeps getting directx errors on my win2k dx9

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  • keeps getting directx errors on my win2k dx9

    Any one have any form for help on this topic ??

    Kind Regards


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    whats the error you are gettin?

    Auto play works on my 2k system with DX9 installed, maybe you need to update your drivers for the graphics card?


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      & sorry for the late reply, but been busy with all the work needed done on the house..

      But now I have returned and it seems to be something about dx and the numbers of colors i've choosen as standard. 32 bit colors.

      So now I have lowered my no. of colors to 16 bit and now i keep getting a 105 runtime error ??? it's when I run the autopplay.exe

      anyone have an idea to what could be wrong here ??

      btw. any1 working on making an vb-app. to create the autoplay.ini file ?? would be much nicer for newbies like me-self.....


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        hi again,

        just thought I'd put the right error code in: runtime error '5' invalid procedure call or argument.

        had to lower my numbers of colors to 16bit from 32bit for my direct x (got a matrox millinium II graphics card.) this solved the directx.

        Install dir = c:\autoplay
        MP3 dir = c:\music-news\albums\
        Movies = c:\movies\divxs


        controldevice = keyboard
        controllerdebounce = 20
        scrolldelay = 8
        scrolldelayfirst = 12
        listpagechangemode = 1

        volumesteps = 0,10,20,30,40,50,60,70,80,90,100,110,120,130,140,1 50,160,170,180,190,200,210,220,230,240,255
        startupvolumestep = 5

        playlistpath = c:\playlists\
        videopath = c:\movies\divxs\

        screenwidth = 1024
        screenheight = 768

        winampexe = winamp\winamp.exe

        skinfolder = autoplay

        whats wrong here ??

        L8r dudies........


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          make sure all your directories exist , and make sure you run and configure playlistbuild
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