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  • Reviving Autoplay

    I'm actively trying to get in touch with magnetik again.

    It seems like I'm hopelessly drawn back into the greatness and simplicity of Autoplay.

    After my tragic loss of "Rock The Rolvo" MP3 Player, I lost interest for a long time. Now I'm building a Home Media PC. I have all my DVDs already in MPEG-2 and my MP3's organized by M3U... where could I find a program to play these without needing a touchscreen or getting something like MythTV.

    Gee golly gosh its Autoplay. wow. Who knew? With an IRMAN, Autoplay will do everything I need to do.

    I'm certain that Autoplay is still a viable frontend. It is an excellent alternative to those who don't want a touchscreen interface. The graphics are extremely simple and intuitive, and my grandmother could change the skins since they are just BMP files.

    It currently runs over Winamp 2.93. Imagine if we were to upgrade it to running the current Winamp? "AutoRip?" "AutoBurn" "AutoSync (with MP3 Player)?" "AutoDVD?"

    In total, I'm proposing a "low-end" alternative frontend that's not terribly feature packed but rock-solid. I know someone wants this besides me. Maybe if we bug the poor chap enough he'll relinquish that source. If not, theres a website that does decompiling... that costs money and I'll only go that route as a last resort.
    I hope the mods don't realize I can still post.

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    I wouldnt count on it...i think everyone that was using autoplay at the time he stoped working on it haws been emailing him non stop since..and its always the same ans..but let us know what he says now if ya get a response from him...but i loved autoplay also..was the first and only app i used when i got an tft and ditched the char lcd..
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      My answer has always been no answer... unfortunately.
      I hope the mods don't realize I can still post.