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    just wrapped up a 2000 mile journey this past week... AutoTouch is absolutely the cleanest well setup software that I have tried to date. I love how you can use a cheaper mapping software and still have all the results that were expected... I downloaded it just to say I had tried it, but I totally see myself holding on to this one...

    I was thinking that maybe a module type setup might be a good direction to head. I am by no means a programmer, but was thinking that if you setup some guidelines and then included the "packages" in the download then you'd really be onto something. I would love to see XM, but I don't need DVD playback... so for me, I would just pick the items I wanted and then have those particular "packages" installed. Then you can keep control of the software and have other contributing to the programming. This is just a suggestion and I will be more than willing to contribute financially and testing.

    Keep up the good work, I am excessively impressed. Ease of use could not be any easier and my system worked flawlessly...
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