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  • Frodocomm support?


    I know you are developing your own frontend.. but have you thought about releasing your navigation module for use with frodocomm ?

    Frodo has started developing a sort of backend that you can just add modules to to easily build a frontend that supports all your needs.. and I would love to use your navigation since it uses mappoint which absolutely kicks ***...

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    Nope, haven't seen FrodoComm. I sent Frodo some mail a while back about helping him write his phone module for AutoTouch and never heard back from him.

    I'll have to check it out, but I'd say off the top of my head I'm not inclined to work on making it compatible with someone elses code, since at the moment I don't have time to get my own stuff working.

    For those of you waiting I had a bit of a sleepless night last night and came up with some interesting thoughts for making the skins even easier to create, basically Instead of a down position for each button I'm changing it to work like a windows toolbar where you'll give me two background images for a skin, one will have all the buttons up, the other all of them down. Then when you press a button I'll just blit that area from the down screen over the up screen, and you'll se your button press.

    I have to say that I'm getting sick and tired of my graphics so if anyone's done other skin's I'd love to see them. It needs to look prettier that's for sure!
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