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I love the interface....but

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  • I love the interface....but

    Let me start by saying I'm new to car computing. I installed an old IBM laptop and a new Lilliput 7" touchscreen in a 1980 MGB with little difficulty. I drove from New York to Boston this past week and it was solid. But I'm going crazy trying to get software that interfaces with the driver as well as let's say OEM software from BMW or Acura.

    I love the simplicity of the interface of AutoTouch, but why can't it work with different gps software, other than MapPoint. If not, is it possible just to get mp3 player interface as a stand alone and switch between a gps application and media player application. All of the frontends out there are too much using them with a 7" touchscreen. Right now I'm not using a frontend, I customized the desktop a little with the taskbar configured to auto-hide on the left side. When I start my car, windows boots with StreetAtlas, Real Audio & a OSK. I only have one icon on the desktop, large Car Logo for the folder that I keep other Netscape, Solitaire, Explore, Voice Recorder, Outlook all with big icons, easy to touch using touch screen. Isn't less more? Simple can be elegant.
    Any suggestions and feedback would be welcome.

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    Anyone who want's to write a plug-in for AutoTouch to make it work with other GPS Systems is welcome to. I'll help out with advice and answer questions, but I haven't (A) Got any other navigation systems, or (B) Got the time at the moment to deal with writing the code (The reason I've been absent from the forums so long)

    try the AutoTouch FrontEnd