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  • CarFrontEnd FAQ

    This thread will be used as a FAQ for CFE. I will gather up what appear to be common questions from the other threads and answer them here. For short answers, i'll put the answer in this post with the question. For more in depth answers, i'll add a new post for the answer and link the question to it.

    PM me if you feel there is anything that should be added that I have missed.


    1. Where do I get the installer?
    2. Is CarFrontEnd open source?
      Yes. It is available at Google Code and uses the GPL3 license.
    3. How do I request a feature I want?
      By all means discuss it here, but please create an issue ticket for it in the Google Code project.
    4. Why is my feature not being worked on?
      The short answer is development resources. There is also only so much that can be done in spare time on a pet project.
    5. How can I contribute to the project?
      Open an issue ticket in the Google Code project requesting access. Then you are free to contribute any thing you wish.
    6. Who are the project admins?
      Just iamgnat right now. I'll be happy to upgrade any contributors to admins once they've shown a vested interest in the project.
    7. Why will this frontend succeed where so many others have failed on the Mac platform?
      No idea if it will or not. I hope that by making it OSS from the beginning, it will attract other developers that can further it in the areas that I am not interested in or unable to do as well as carrying it on should I leave the project.
    8. What's with the lame name?
      I am a strong (at least that's what I tell myself) programmer, but graphics and coming up with nifty names are not in my list of strengths. So I went with trying to convey exactly what it is
    9. What is the current status of CFE?
      I'm taking a break from active development of CFE. I am still around and active in the community so I will be more than happy to fix any bugs that are found and help out anyone that wants to build Plugins.
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