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Where to find Plugins?

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  • Where to find Plugins?

    I'm curious, shouldn't you have a central location where people can download plugins to your application? I would assume people would that have made plugins would want to contribute to the community and let everyone else download the plugins. Let me know if there is such a magical place.


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    To my knowledge, there aren't any outside the iTunes plugin and the SamplePlugin (sample for developer purposes, not users) at this time.

    Anyone that wants to make a plugin is more than welcome to and I would encourage them to release it as open source with GPL v3 like CFE itself, but it is not a requirement. If they do make it OS, then they are welcome to keep it's source in the CFE Google Project and it can be made available on the download page and as part of the CFE installer. I would be willing to add closed source plugin installers to the download page as well, but I would not add them as options to the CFE installer itself.

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