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  • [Plugin] Artists & Albums

    Hello community,

    I've finally had some time to write my second plugin: Artists & Albums. I already checked the source in, so the fast ones among you can already take a look at it.

    A&A allows you to select music the same way Front Row does: click on the artist and select and album and a song or just press play all. A&A then sends the songs that match your selection to a special playlist and tells iTunes to play them. So you see, it's actually very simple, it's just that I'm new to ObjC and Cocoa and thus I write code very slowly... hope that's gonna change in the future.

    Anyway, you read what it can do, now what it can't (yet):

    * look nice (well, actually it's so minimalistic it fits my car): Dave's to-do-List had a point called custom NSTableView, so I didn't try to write one myself (I suppose it would take me forever anyway)
    * be fast: currently I add the songs via applescript to iTunes. That's incredibly slow (~0.5-0.75 seconds per song). I hope I'll find a better solution, until then: live with it (if you only add one album or so it's not even that bad. less than 10s for a complete album)

    Now, as soon as I can reach Dave I'll ask him to add it to CFE's package. I hope you like what I did and tell me what functionality and features you would like to see added. Please also report any bugs you might run into.

    Regards, Alex

    P.S.: But don't expect me to implement anything very quickly

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    And the first bug already appeared...:
    Forgot to make sure that it looks for everyones Library, e.g. ~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music Library.xml - if you don't have your .xml file at that location, please create a symbolic link with that name/path that points to your .xml file.


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      I have updated the CFE installer to include the module as part of the install.


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        Maybe some screenshots:


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          Another bugfix: A&A imported only one song from an album if it didn't have track number set. Works now.

          Grab it here: or from the svn

          (At the moment, if you want your songs in the correct order, please make sure they do have a track number set in iTunes)



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            A welcome addition to CFE! I was using it the other day and wanted to listen to an artist that wasn't on a playlist. This will come in handy.

            Looking forward, there is a question about the interface, however. What happens if someone adds two or three other plug-ins to the program? The buttons aren't going to fit.
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              Dave already took care of that, just wait for a fourth plugin to see his solution :P

              (Or, just read on: In the menu a new option should appear which would allow you to select the 3 plugins you want to see in the bar. The rest would remain accessible from the menu.)