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Making MM play extra WAV files

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  • Making MM play extra WAV files

    What I'm after is an easy way to make MM play a short BEEP before it does any talking. The reason I ask is I have made a circuit that detects when there is a direction given, and in turn mutes my music and plays through the car speakers.
    The only problem with it is it cuts out the first bit of the voice direction.

    My solution was to edit all the WAV files and insert a BEEP, but I was hoping there would be an easier way.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    2004 Ford Falcon XR6

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    well after 1 long aggrivating day working with matlab and wav files, its really easy to stick some pause or a beep before a wave file with just a couple lines of code.

    But that should be a last resort!
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      can you share your circuit, or at least explain it, i am curious


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        It's basically an op amp with a couple of diodes on the output, a resistor and cap, feeding into another op amp, which drives a transistor.
        Vague I know. I'll put the circuit up once I draw it up on the PC...might be a while though.

        I found the config file for the audio section of destinator, but I'm not sure if I can modify it to play my own WAV file first.
        2004 Ford Falcon XR6