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  • changing location icon

    hi guys........

    how i can change the location icon to something more designed like car icon or something ?

    i mean this icon.........

    another thing.........i have the speed camera data base in my country(israel)........but the data base come like a interest point (favored) Dest 6 in the pocket PC. this work fine....but in the map-monkey i can see the cameras on the road (in the map) but i don't hear alarm or something when i close to....what can i do for hear alarm when i close to camera ? (i join the file....maybe this help to understand me..)
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    If you want to change your this thread (in total, if you want some custom icons )

    For camera alerts go to MapMonkey:-
    Menu/Plan Route/Favorites
    Make sure the following boxes are ticked
    Auto Alert 1
    Auto Alert 2
    Run MapMonkey config/Advanced GPS Tab
    Tick the box "Enable speed camera alerts"
    Tick the box "Add camera locations as they are detected"
    Input Ist & 2nd Warning distances ie. 500, 100
    Make sure you have indicated the database you are using and the Speed format, which is usually "Autodetect"
    Car : Ford Focus Zetec S 1800cc
    Carpc :Galaxy GT-P1000 Original 7in Tab
    Mounted in "On Dash" Custom Install