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Map Monkey v1.1.3 BETA 3

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  • Map Monkey v1.1.3 BETA 3


    Download updated 16th Jan to include Hotfix #1, #2 and #3

    Version History
    [v1.1.3.29 BETA3 Hotfix 3]
    -Added ability to import PocketGPS databases
    -Added ability to export speed camera databases to CSV
    -Fixed issues with Centrafuse closing the frontend
    -Fixed overflow errors with speed camera alerts
    [v1.1.3.26 BETA3 Hotfix 2]
    -Added ability to set volume for voice directions
    -Non-English regional settings should now be supported
    [v1.1.3.23 BETA 3]
    *New Features*
    -Destinator Frontend SDK (D3Talk)
    	The SDK for the frontend has been released. This makes it
    	very easy to create your own plugins or embed and integrate
    	the frontend fully in your application.
    -Plugin Structure
    	The frontend now allows you to select the plugins to use
    	at startup.
    -SiRF Support in Advanced Mode
    	It is now possible to recieve higher quality updates via the
    	SiRF protocol. This has not been fully tested.
    -Windows Media Player Control
    	You can now map your Prev/Play/Next buttons to Windows Media
    	A button on your skin or a hotkey can now be assigned to
    	quickly add the current location into a favorites folder.
    	Only the "Classic" skin has this button by default.
    -Default Address Sort View
    	You can now specify the default view to use on the route to
    	address dialog
    -Background image on skin
    	By placing a "Tile.JPG" inside your skin folder, the image will
    	be tiled on your skins background rather than a colour.
    -Hide Mouse
    	It is now possible to allow Destinator to hide your mouse while
    	it's running (and make it visible again upon exiting)
    -Remove Speed Camera
    	When a speed camera warning appears, a button also appears next
    	to the "Add Speed Camera" button allowing you to delete the
    	camera from the database
    -Route Home
    	A new destinate option has been added called "Go Home". This
    	allows you to quickly route to some preset coordinates.
    *Changes / Fixes*
    -Speed Camera Databases
    	The speed camera detection now uses full databases to store and
    	retrieve data. This should greatly improve speed of operation
    	and work independent of the users language settings.
    -Border around speed
    	As well as a shadow effect, it is also possible to simply have a
    	coloured border around the on-screen speed display
    -Clicking Satellite Image
    	Clicking the satellite image next to the satellite count will now
    	open GPS Status
    	Estimated Times Remaining/Arriving have had a complete overhaul.
    	They are now determined on the fly using your current speed. If you
    	are not using Advanced mode they are calculated using a customisable
    	preset speed.
    -Scroll Speed in Dialogs
    	The scrolling speed of the scroll buttons when in dialogs has been
    	greatly reduced
    -Zoom Steps
    	You can now customise the amount of steps between each zoom (for the
    	skinnable zoom buttons and zoom hotkeys)
    -Hotkeys for scroll buttons
    	Hotkeys have been added for scrolling dialogs
    -Other Bugs/Fixes
    	Many other undocumented or trivial bugs have been resolved.
    Now this version is the first to offer full support for plugins! The SDK is so easy to use I created 4 to include in the standard installation!

    Daily Logs
    This plugin, when activated, will keep a categorised-by-day history of your entire journeys including total distance travelled, speed, road name etc.. Look back at any point in time and see exactly where you were!

    External Audio
    Have alerts for upcoming maneuvers played on a different sound card

    SAPI Plugin
    Prefer a customisable computerised voice for voice directions? Well here you go! This plugin can even speak the name of the road you need to be turning into as well as the added option of announcing whenever you enter a new area (city / zipcode etc)

    Location Trigger
    An advanced database-driven plugin that lets you perform actions based on your current whereabouts. You can specifiy the sensitivity, required max/min distances, speeds, bearing. Once set you can specifiy either a sound file to play or even run an application passing your coordinates as parameters.

    An extra feature of this plugin allows you to set up a keyboard shortcut to automatically add an item to the database based on your current location and then automatically begin recording the sound file to play!

    Download Here [15.1MB]

    Find me some bugs!
    Destinator 3 For PC! -

  • #2
    nice!! going to take this down to the car now, I love the idea of it telling you what road to turn on.
    S60 Install


    • #3

      can;t wait to test it...


      • #4
        Awesome to see the SDK finally come out. Can't wait to play around with it

        I guess I really should start saving for the rest of my system

        Progress: On hold while I pay off my new PowerBook :D
        Part List:
        VIA MII10000 - 512MB - 20Gig 2.5" - Rikaline 6010 - 7" Lilliput - CNX-P1260 - Alpine 4ch Amp - 4 Gauge wire and fused distrobution block.


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          Magic. Thanks a billion..............
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          • #6
            Still getting the message that Font tahoma not found, and then it craches, i tried it on 4 computers and the same problem. but i got the tahoma
            Can it be my regional settings? -danish-


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              Nice work Ninja, will start testing this out tonight...

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              NOW SADLY WRITTEN OFF!

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                Nice work NM - was just thinking about the daily logs function myself - I work as a Systems Engineer travelling around - could be perfect for doing my travel expenses :-)


                • #9
                  Great work!

                  Can't wait to try this new version. Gonna install it and try it on my trip home.
                  Lilliput 7" TS / VIA EPIA M10000 / 256 MB DDR RAM / 40 GB 2,5" Toshiba HDD / TEAC DVD Slimline / GlobalSat GPS USB


                  • #10
                    Yeah!! this is what i was waiting for ... thank NM!!!! i love you
                    my destinator map resource down permanently


                    • #11
                      top work!
                      Never let the truth get in the way of a good story


                      • #12
                        nice work.. been waiting for this one..
                        downloading it now.
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                        • #14
                          I get this error all the time
                          Error Details:

                          Number: -2147217900
                          Description: Der er en syntaksfejl, fordi der mangler et komma. i forespørgselsudtrykket "val(longitude) < 9,78315 AND val(longitude) > 9,71715 AND val(latitude) < 54,9546866667 AND val(latitude) > 54,8886866667".
                          Source: Check_For_Camera
                          Version: 1.1.323 BETA3
                          HelpContext: 5003000
                          LastDllError: 0

                          It says in eng. Missing comma, in the syntacs


                          • #15
                            1st bug.. or maybe its me..

                            it dont seem to be opening with frodoplayer..
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