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GPS Emulation to test D3 embedded

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  • GPS Emulation to test D3 embedded


    I've been on the site for ages but havent registered, so its time for me to say hi, so Hi!

    Anyway, my question is probably one which Ninja can answer, I'm writing a custom MP3 playing software which behaves the way I want it (I dont get along with the ones out there, ie. I want to beable to skip albums up and down and i'm not bothered about searching genres etc), anyway i digress....

    ...I have embedded Ninjas D3 front end into my app using the SDK and want to test it without compiling, sticking in car and going out, has anyone written a simple app to feed GPS info down the COM port to D3 just to simulate driving along? I'm thinking it would be simple enough to log co-ords and then feed them back down the com port to test my apps.

    I'm not intending for my app to be public, mainly because my code is a mess and it would require some serious tidying up to be something which could be distributed.

    BTW, Ninja, the SDK is cool and so simple!

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    I use Franzon GPSGate, you can create a virtual com port which you can then use to simulate a run between two coordinates (using NMEA)
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