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Change font in drop-down turn-by-turn menu?

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  • Change font in drop-down turn-by-turn menu?

    Hi all,
    I've looked through both the skin.ini and destinator.ini files, and can't find an option for this. In the drop-down menu at the top of the screen, just below the infobar, the font is too large for the box it's given. This happens at 800x480, but also at 1280x960, for example. I've seen the same artifact in everybody's screenshots. The problem is that I can't see the distance for each step of my route. It shows the arrow properly (e.g. right turn, left turn), but the distance is cut off so that I can't see the bottom of the numbers, nor can I tell if it's in yards, miles, etc. This seems like a pretty major problem, and I'd love to figure out how to fix it, because otherwise this frontend is FANTASTIC. NM, you're the best!

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    If you find the following in the Destinator.inf file in the skin directory:

    // Maneuver windows sizes:
    // 1 - ::V - maneuver windows sizes sign
    // 2,3 - maneuver icon and maneuver distance windows width for main window
    // 4,5 - maneuver icon and maneuver distance windows width for maneuver list
    // 6,7 - maneuver windows font and its height, if font name is empty, maneuver windows font is not changed
    // 8 - font height for "Stop" sign in Maneuver List
    // NB: maneuver icon height is equal to maneuver icon width.


    If you change the values 3 and 5 they change the comlumn width. You can also change value the font size, value 7.

    Hope this helps

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      A ha! I've found the answer. First of all, Prem's solution IS the right line -- my fonts now happily fit in their various boxes. However, what I didn't realize (I had found this line before, but I didn't think it changed anything) is: after changing the .inf file, you need to change the skin in the Frontend Configuration to one of the other skins, restart, change it back to the skin you want to use, restart, and THEN the changes are read.

      Thanks Prem, and I hope this helps somebody else...