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Map Switching... Still a problem?

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  • Map Switching... Still a problem?


    I just wanted to throw up a quick post to ask if the map switching problem has been resolved.

    I did do a few searches and only turned up huge long threads to sift through

    I thought this issue (actually a huge issue IMO) deserves it's own thread.

    So say i want to travel through from Calafornia to New York. Must I switch maps along the way? Can I compile 1 huge map of the USA?

    I know that Destinator had a limitation before (i think 50mb). I remember reading back a while ago that this problem was fixed (Ninja Monkey)

    So if it is fixed do I need to do anything special when i install the maps becasue i think it has it split up by state (some larger states have 2 maps)

    I really think that switching maps will be a drag.

    Sorry if this question has already been answered.
    -Jesus- King of Kings Lord of Lords

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    There is no limit, but powerloc provide the maps of the USA in different yes, you will have to switch. I have no idea why they do it like that seeing as they have a map cutter if it's too big.

    All of the non-usa maps are single files....just not the US! I still haven't found a way to merge maps...someone needs to reverse-engineer the map cutter.
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      Thanks Ninja Monkey.

      I sware it's times like these that i wish i knew more about software development.

      Anyone up for the task? Is there any way of contacting the people that originally modified the DLL?

      -Jesus- King of Kings Lord of Lords


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        I am going to call POwerLoc see if they can provide a merged/single map. It shouldnt be too hard for them to do it.
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