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Buttons in InfoBar: get rid of them and use space for ETA ?

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  • Buttons in InfoBar: get rid of them and use space for ETA ?

    In order to display ETA/ETR in bigger font and shift them to the right, I want to hide the buttons "rewind", "play", "next".
    What I did:

    1) In .\< my skin>\skin.ini, edit section [InfoBar] and set MediaNext to -1,-1,-1,-1
    2) Replace info_bar_off.jpg and info_bar_down.jpg with the desired background color.

    However, ETA info are still overlaped with info_bar_off.jpg, ie. I get something like: "ETA: 08h" and the rest is missing. How can I NOT have the jpg displayed ? (i tried to delete them, brings an error message).

    Ideally, I would *love* to have all Frodo related information in the "song title" bar that FrodoPlayer show with embedded D3, you know, the bar with the "Hide" button on the right. Is this possible ? It would free D3 menus from play/rewind/ff buttons and volume buttons ? Anybody ?

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    replace info_bar_* with a 1x1 pixel image?

    Edit: I'm not sure how I coded it, but the height of the infobar may depend on the button you might need to keep the height the same (ie, a 1x100 image of the background colour or something)
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