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  • Journey Time Estimate?


    Cool product. Very impressed.

    I have a dumb question about ETA/ETR info. I was using ViaMichelin in Spain and changed over to MapMonkey/Desintator, this is way beeter for touch screens. My only questions is about ETAs, Via and MapMonkey suggest the same routes but in Via the ETA seems more accurate.

    For example I'm in Santiago de Compostela and I want to go to Porto. In Via the journey says about 2.5 hours in MapMonkey 5 hours. For the same route! This journey should take about 2.5 to 3 hours given traffic.

    Is there somewhere I can check the speed limit/estimate of the roads and see if the motorways are set to the correct limit. THe journey is correct it's just the Info bar ETA/ETR I'd like to check.

    Thanks for all the work on this, can't wait to buy the final product.

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    This is something I need to look at before I release the final...

    The way I have written the new ETA routines was completely experimental. I haven't had much (if any) feedback so I assume on the whole all is well.

    Basically, your current speed is used against the total distance remaining (ROAD distance, not straight line) to create a sort of real-time ETA based on the speed you are going at that moment...

    However, the ETA will not work with anything less than 20MPH. This is because if you stop at some traffic lights or anything that involves close to no movement then the ETA would shoot up dramatically. So in these cases, even if you are stopped it is calculated using a minimum of 20MPH.

    What I didn't realise at the time was that this causes problems when you first create your route. Obviously you're not moving and so it shows you an ETA of your whole journey based on 20MPH. I'm guessing once you started moving the ETA decreased to around its normal 3 hours?

    I will look in to getting this sorted
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      Cheers Ninja Monkey! Thanks for all the info.

      It is reassuring to know that we can use a piece of software and get such detailed and speedy support.