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Map Monkey (My few bugs..or problems)

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  • Map Monkey (My few bugs..or problems)

    Hi Guys,

    OK I loaded up Map Monkey...and have found a few little bugs...or at least things that I can’t figure out how to sort out.

    When I’m trying to input a favorite the OSK won’t allow me to type a name for the favorite. This was working in beta 3.

    If I a plan a route…and the destination is behind me…I’m having problems.

    If I drive in the opposite direction…MM should recalculate the route for the next left or right…to take me back in the correct direction…but it doesn’t…it says “Recalculating Route”…and then still just shows me my route is behind me…it continues to do this…until I take a right or left…and then it seems to recalculate in the correct direction…but again…is taking me through silly routes through housing estates.

    If someone can help with these problems I would be grateful!


    M10000 mainboard,256 RAM, 80 Gig 3.5" drive, PWS-120-M, ITPS, Lilliput 7" touchscreen, XP Pro SP2, Frodoplayer, Map Monkey, InfoMap Navigator 4, WIFI

    Current: Bluetooth. Trying to get Phonecontrol to work with SE T610.