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SDK question - isdestinatorrunning dont seem to return true anymore

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  • SDK question - isdestinatorrunning dont seem to return true anymore

    This is probably one for Ninja, I've been working with some integration to my own MP3 software and upon loading it up with the shell command I check to see if its running using that method in the SDK, which used to return true after i've shelled out but since installing the new release version it just returns false even if D3 is actually running, has something changed?

    Do I need an updated SDK.

    BTW, i've been fairly quiet here but once I have it all integrated i'll put something out there

    I'm using GPS Gate on Ninjas recommendation and it works a treat, so much easier to test software now I can simulate me driving along

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    I just commented out the code which checks this method and it seems I cannot communicate with Map Monkey at all for anything, does the SDK from previous versions work with this one at all or am I going to need to purchase it?


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      oh hang on, just found monkeytalk.dll is with the new one and d3talk.dll isnt, i'll try that and see what happens

      and yes, i'm insane and know i'm talking to myself


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          Now I feel all stupid, all the method names got renamed to monkey or mapmonkey in the big rebranding, search and replace on my code fixed that!


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            dont do what?

            I just updated all my code to use the monkeytalk SDK, however the isconnected and IsMapMonkeyRunning constantly return FALSE even when its running which means I cant grab hold of it to embed it!