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    A couple of questions:

    1. Is there a way of changing the voice from saying "a Gatso has been detected" to "a speed camera has been detected". I see the wav files in the dir, but i can't see anywhere in the ini files (or in the config) to change this?

    2. I can add new speed camera's (at varying speeds), but how can i add a red light camera instead? or how can i get the voice to say "speed camera detected" or "red light camera detected" depending on which was coming up.


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    Couldn't you just record your own .wav and name it the exact same as the one you are replacing? I would think that as long as they have the same name and are in the same dir the software will play it.


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      Yeah, I did think of doing that, but I'd rather do it the "proper" way. And it won't solve the problem with having a different voice to red light and speed camera's.


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        1. Just delete Warning1_GATSO and Warning2_GATSO and it will revert to using the normal "Speed Camera" alert instead

        2. The "Add Speed Camera" function adds a camera to the database under the category "MANUAL". I didn't want to place yet another button for choosing which type of camera due to the fact that you're going to be driving while doing this...In a future version I'll possibly add an optional button to select the type
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          how do i go about removing old camera sites from my database?. i know of a few Gatso's that have been removed, but the warnings are still there.
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            ok, thanks!

            with the removal of speed camera's, the skin i'm using has another button appear when in range of a speed camera which allows you to remove it.


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              Thanks, I've not noticed that on mine, i shall have a look tomorrow.
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