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  • new monkey mod in town

    Would anyone be interested if I develop this further?

    it has full England & Wales photography coverage.

    hope this pic works, cos the preview is missing it.
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    Hey I recognise that junction!!! As will NM!


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      Hmmm.. looks pretty cool!!

      Got any screenies of the sat pics in 2D mode? Those pictures are a bit low res for 3D.

      Where are you getting the images from? Are there actually any free sat images of the UK?


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        Originally posted by UK_MP3Car
        Hey I recognise that junction!!! As will NM!

        Me three!

        looks cool -can almost see my dad's house


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          YEH! develop it!
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            the more i look at it the more i like it. do you have any details on where you are getting the info from, if we have to buy extra stuff etc?

            Also, please make the car picture customisable so i can have my little pug on the screen


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              If this data was available freely I'm sure Cdr/NM would integrate it properly into their apps :-)


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                The images are from GetMapping.
                I'm not sure on exact pricing for full E&W coverage, as he's not given me an exact price cut he wants though, spose it depends on how big it goes.
                I originally got the textures from the VFR maps for M$ flight 2002/4.
                Cost you about 40 for all of England and Wales. from Game.
                I was solely given permission to use these textures for developing it further.
                I'm just looking to see how many people would be interested in it.
                Also, as for the car,
                It's a 3D Model, about 4000 poly's for the car, so yes, can be anything.
                You make me the model, and i'll put it in.


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                  other view

                  yes it's better higher up
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                    Me four..... surprised there isnt a traffic tailback from the TW Viaduct!

                    Whats the score NM


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                      Baggers - that is soooooo cool. It helps so much to see the REAL scenery. and 40 - bargain! A small price to pay for the ability to find little areas to disapear off to with a lady friend - OMG i just thought - we should start a database of such places for the POIs hehehe.

                      i have always hated maps and thet scenery is so much better. Green where there is green, grey where there is grey.


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                        the USA can get maps like this through a program called USAPHOTOMAPS. It pulls through the microsoft Terraserver. It also has GPS capability.
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                          Its nice that for a change something is happening in the UK thats a little different but also positive! :-)


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                            Originally posted by UK_MP3Car
                            Its nice that for a change something is happening in the UK thats a little different but also positive! :-)

                            Well the UK is the best place on earth. We have the most intelligent and attractive people.


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                              yes, develop it!!

                              Have you though about some way that you could have it as a non-selecable, semi transparent overlaying window?

                              So we could have it over the top of the D3 3D view? That's what I think would be excellent!
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