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Says COM-Port is busy although it isn't

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  • Says COM-Port is busy although it isn't

    I got a problem related to others but it didn't really fit in another thread. Or at least I didn't find a fitting. Anyway...

    The newest MapMonkey worked fine on my System for around a week.
    Now yesterday it stopped working correctly. The GPS-Receiver is correctly setup in the options. It's found and the satellite counter in the upper left corner always says at least 5 satellites. However in the lower right corner, where the bars for the signal strength (or whatever it is) shows just red. Sometimes the program shows the Message "COM-Port is busy". Also after restarting the computer it doesn't work.
    I also have Falk Navibook and also an older Version of your Programm on my harddisk. Both detect the GPS receiver and I get a lock and can navigate. Also with your old programm Version (think it's version 1.0). I end the apps and launch your newest version and it says again "COM-Port is busy".

    Ninja, I believe to remember that you said that you didn't change anything in your GPS code. But why does it work with an older version of your program but not the newest ?

    AdvancedGPS is still enabled, can't test this right now. Don't have a port splitter installed.

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    Just a thought: do you have Windows original OSK running ? It does lock COM ports.


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      try reinstalling i did and it fixed my problem. . i had the same problem before