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newbee....does destinator really work?

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  • newbee....does destinator really work?

    I just bought my first usb gps module.
    I've been looking around for a couple of days now to find a suitable navigation solution for my needs and destinator and mapmonkey seem to fit my needs.
    The plan is to build a docking station to my laptop in the glovebox that is wired to the stereo, gps and a tft-display.

    Well, the problem is that I would like to test destinator before I spend 250$ on software. The thing is that i drive alot on small roads in the country and I need to se if they are on the maps. If I can get this working and conclude that it is nice program I will gladly buy the software, otherwise I have no use for it and will delete it.

    I've downloaded and installed mapmonkey and the london map included works but when I try to swich maps to a swedish map it says "there where errors in the new map data" and then mm crasch. I figure thats because the map is lager than 3Mb, or is it something wrong with the map?

    I've got the dest3 for ppc and also the sdk, but the sdk didn't have the destdll. I've been looking everywhere for the .dll but everyone I found just generates alot of errors in mm.

    If I have understood everything correctly all you need is a copy of mapmonkey, the destinator maps, and the destdll.dll.
    Either you buy just the maps or the destinator 3 ppc version.
    The sdk that contains the destdll.dll is bougth from the homepage. And whith that .dll you can open the lage maps?
    And thats all you need?
    You install mapmonkey, copy the .dll from the sdk, and extract the maps, and then you good to go?

    I really need some answers please! I've spent too many hours now trying to get this thing working. Thanks.

    Or is there anyway to get hold of the small maps over sweden so I can evaluate destinator leagally?

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    Maybe the maps you got (probably downloaded from the net, right?) arent complete/are corrupted...

    I had a problem like that on a map that was missing a file, MM would just crash when trying to load it....

    I never found out how to fix it, but it worked with the legit maps

    2005 Range Rover 4.4
    Any ideas for putting a PC in this? :)


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      I use map monkey daily. The maps from the Netherlands are very detailed. Everything works perfect. Though I dont know if the TMC works, because I dont have a TMC reciever.
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        OK if you are unsure email [email protected] He is the guy there that sent my working, legal DLL to me. HSTC is the company that makes D3.

        Don't tell him I sent you, for a start.

        I've emailed him last week asking when the D3 PC version is coming out, and for any advice to give to people in your situation and he reads the emails but doesn't tend to reply hence why I release his email address for you to attempt personally. Seeing as he is the person who has given the legal, working DLL with the SDK to quite a few people he is the best person I know of to speak to.

        He deals with the SDK, however I was directed to him initially by D3 Support when I asked basically your questions above.

        If I were you I would ask:

        1) "I would like to use Destinator 3 on the PC. I have seen Map Monkey and Centrafuse which require legal PC version to work, which are developed using the SDK. I have read that if I buy Destinator 3 and the SDK I can get a working DestDLL.DLL for the PC which will run the full size maps."


        2) "The SDK / DestDLL.DLL requires a Destinator 3 licence to use with full size maps. I assume the PPC version includes a license, can I confirm with the SDK and PPC version including Maps for my country will be all I require to legally use the SDK-based software on the PC."

        I recommend you set a delivery receipt and read receipt. I don't think they will give you an evaluation version. Most navigation SW that doesn offer an evaluation is usually just a small map of a town - pretty much like what comes with Map Monkey.

        The correct DLL (which comes as an attachement, not a downloadable can just be copied over the existing DLL.
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          I've been told (not sure of that ) that some people who are unhappy about the slow service from the official D3 use a less legal version of the dll. This version, if I am informed correctly gives you the same results.
          MII 6000; 256 MB; lilliput touchscreen; 40GB; bluetooth SE 68i; software still experimenting switched from mediacar to frodopayer, phonecontrol, destinator 3 (NM), and others.


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            Its finally working...
            This is just what I had in mind when I bought the gps reciver.

            Been driving back and forth in my town for a cople of hours.
            I really like the function that recalculates the way when I get "lost".

            Time to buy some maps and send a mail to that guy.

            Thanks for the help.


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              Here is my issue...So i installed Map Monkey....Bought the maps from Destinator...Bought the SDK from Destinator. I also received the attachment in the email. The file is 1,351,680 bytes with a modified date of Feb 07,2005. I copied the attached DLL as well as the florence map from the downloaded SDK in to the c:\DestinatorApps\Destinator directory. I am able to go in via RoadRunner and view the London and Florence Maps. The "SDK ...Sale " message is no longer there..I also copied all the USA maps into the DestinatorApps\Destinator directory. However, wheni go to switch maps, the only map i see is the London and Florence maps...None of the US, Canada, and Hawaii maps in that directory show....Am i supposed to register or unlock these maps? How so? I have done the
              regsvr32 c:\destinator\destinatorapps\destdll.dll as well...Still no luck...Any help would be appreciated...

              I posted this on another thread but it makes more sense to have it hear so it can help out others in the future...


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                E-mail the SDK support team they can probably help you best...

                make sure you have the maps in a folder, and that it follows the same structure as the working maps...

                2005 Range Rover 4.4
                Any ideas for putting a PC in this? :)


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                  thanks for the heads up...I think i figured out my problem...I put all the maps of the Destinator CD Rom into the C:\DestinatorApps\Destinator directory under independent folder names to reflect the maps...

                  I noticed in the London and Florence directories, there is a WCE.txt file. This file basically has the name that loads in Map Monkey. When copying the Maps over to the corresponding directories, this file doesnt exist. I had to go and create this file and put in the corresponding names...Now all the maps show under the corresponding Map Monkey setting......I havent tried this in my car yet but i'll be sure to report the outcome!
                  THanks again....