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Dual OSK Possible?

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  • Dual OSK Possible?

    Hi all,

    i have a question mostly targeted at NM, but any input from experience skin designers ;-) is welcome.

    On non English systems, as here in Greece and i am sure in many other countries, users have at least two keyboard layouts. One for english and the other for the native language. The user switches between thouse two either by clicking an icon in the taskbar or (most of the times) by pressing a key combination (default Alt-Shift).

    My question is this. Is there a way to implement this feauture to be used with an OSK?

    Logically, how things should be are:
    - there should be the possibility to "type" this key combination, let's say 'Alt-Shift' using the OSK
    - the OS "understands" this and switches keyboard layout
    - the MM "understands" this and displays an alternative OSK with the correct letters

    basically, similar to the way PDAs work for text input. Any ideas?

    Take care,