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  • GPS not found

    Hi All,
    New to the first thread!!

    I have installed map monkey and have local maps of destinator. So far so good.

    However, my Deluo GPS (connected to the laptop via serial>usb) is not found. The issue is that i have set it correclty and can see on the gps setting screen my lat, lon, time etc', when i press the find gps it founds it and then nothing happens.

    In the main screen i get GPS not found and no information on the map

    Any ideas?

    Thanks alot,

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    Got it

    Ok went for a night drive to test all the options.

    Now it is working with the deluo gps connected to the serial. However, when connect to the usb through the adaptor (provided by deluo) it is not.
    It is set to the correct virtual port (4) but not found.

    The biggest bummer with the deluo which I found is that it takes ages to acquire position, I can get to most of my destinations before handů

    Any clue to both issues?

    Thnx, Zohar


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      Have you tried setting it up using the advanced GPS options.
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      Opus 150W/DVD/GPS/7" Lilliput TS/802.11g/Bluetooth

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        you mean in the gps setting screenin map monkey; port, rate etc?
        If this is what you mean then yes.
        If there is any other advnaced then I am not aware of it.


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          go to start menu, programs, map monkey, and click map monkey configuration.

          click the advanced gps tab, set it to 'on', enter your port information and click ok. MM will boot up and all should be ok.


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            Thanks Viniser,
            I will try it.