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Embedding in Frodo player clarification?

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  • Embedding in Frodo player clarification?

    Hi All,

    Just getting all this together, and desperately trawling the forums to try to get this all correct.

    As commented elsewhere I am waiting for the correct .dll to intergrate my maps properly

    Meanwhile I am trying to sort out the "embedding" of map monkey into Frodo Player.

    Do I understand this correctly that it will make map monkey an app running within the frodo player front end?

    I changed the destinator key in the .ini file for frodo player to
    DEST3=C:\DestinatorApps\Map Monkey\MapMonkey.exe

    Is this the correct thing to do?

    When I hit the nav button in frodoplayer the mapmonkey is starting up, but in its own window in a different size to frodoplayer and not full screen either?

    I have selected frodoplayer in the map monkey configuration

    Basically I don't know how this is all supposed to tie together, so I am struggling in the dark right now, but i am convinced I don't have it right yet.

    Thanks guys, this is some seriously good development here!!!

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    Hi all,

    My bad.

    After reading through the thread below I got the launcher working and mapmonkey nicely embedded.

    Now if i could only get the sdk dll from those worshy fops then I would be laughing