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  • Now its all working some quick questions

    Hi all,

    Got the PC installed in the wifes car last night.

    Full rat stealth installation.

    Where the thieving sh1ts stole the old head unit I have left all the wires dangling, and the car looks like its been done over and not worth breaking into.

    Car PC camps on wiriless nicely and the GPS/map monkey is all working.

    Last night it was raining heavily and with all the wet trees I think we were likely to loose the GPS signal a few times as we did.

    When this happens, we just didn't get updates to our position or route announcements.

    Is there any way to make the screen display the loss of the GPS lock in a very visble large text way, so we easily know it is missing?

    Also when entering the saltelite status screen is the only way to exit it by trying to press the small exit x icon top left like a normal window? Is it possible to skin this part?

    When entering addresses for navigation, pressing the enter key takes me to teh choices for entry order rather than the next field, or affirming the route entry. Have I done something wrong, what is the correct key press sequence to go Town / street / number / accept.

    At the moment, I am having to select each field, and then press the little navigate button.

    Thanks guys, wonderful application. Look forward to using it in anger.