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NL-202u and map monkey

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  • NL-202u and map monkey

    Hi all
    I have a problem with my Navilock NL-202u GPS.
    If i check adv. gps options, map monkeys give me the wrong street situation. It's near my real position, (around 2kms) but not the right street. On the up screen icon, i can see 6-7 satellites number on green text, but on the down screen icon, all the bars are in red. But the speed is the right real speed i have at any moment.

    If i uncheck adv. gps, all works right now, but i want the speed cameras function.

    The port, bitrate, and protocol (sirf) i have on adv. gps is the right ones.

    What's happen here? Can anyone help me, please?


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    Can you try following the instructions in this post

    and see if it helps?
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      Yes, i try it before i write the post, but the problem is the same.

      I see the coordinates over the botton of screen are ever the same + - too; but the map is moving, and speed is correct.

      With only uncheck adv. gps mode, all works right again...

      I have 1.1.3 version, updated to your last fix, 1.1.348.

      any other thing i can try???



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        Hmm if you're getting the same coordinates then it's a mystery!

        I'll think about adding an option to apply an offset to the long & lat
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          I will try it with my brother's car. He have the same GPS receiver than i have.
          Over coordinates, is possible that long really changes, but lat sure is ever the same.
          I will take a look again.

          Is really a strange thing, i know... i am the only one with this problem????

          Is not possible be a shared com port problem?

          I say it because i try with the other config inside destinator, and it finds the GPS, but always says "com port is busy..." but, the com port (com3) where my usb GPS is not appears in the list. If uncheck adv. gps mode, GPS is always found too, in com3.