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Map Monkey sdk center map command....

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  • Map Monkey sdk center map command....

    new to this forum so please be kind with a newbie.....
    i'm developing a project that allows tracking the position (Lat and Long sent from a gps device by sms) and shows the real position on a map.

    I need to know if Map Monkey Sdk allows centering the map in a point of a given Lat and Long.
    I mean sending a command like Locate Lat xx, Long yy the map will center itself on that point. ( obviously locate or find or center or whateve is..).

    I didnt find any similar reading sdk documentation but , as said before, i'm new to this app and i dont want to waste money buying destinator maps and sdk.
    Thanks for your help.

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    not at the moment, but i'll add it to the list for a future update
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      Thanks for your reply.

      Hope it will happen soon.Now i'll try a workaround using the RoutetoCoords method but i have another question about:
      sdk doc shows "Calculates a Route to the specified coordinates and beings navigating" but do I need to send before 'point of origin' coordinates or just the RoutetoCoords parameters?

      Thanks again.