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Bad ETA / ETR in upperbar

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  • Bad ETA / ETR in upperbar

    The ETA/ETR in the upperbar is very inaccurate. It changes many times, it looks too much to the speed i am driving. if i want to travel to a place 100km away and i am not on the highway it shows me eta's of hours later then i suppose to arrive.

    The ETA in the lowerbar shows very accurate ETA's and the good distance to destination. I want that info in the bigger upperbar. Therefor i have to uncheck advanced gps, but in that case i wont have speedcam detection.

    Is there a way to get rid of the advanced ETA measurement because its WAY too inaccurate and still have speedcam detection?

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    No one??


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      Post a pic, may be easier to understand what you are trying to ask, is it the Destinator infobar???


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        With upperbar i mean (with standaard mapmonkey skin) the bar which indicates how many sats you havel lock on, ETA and ETR and PREV/NEXT mediaplayer buttons.

        With lowerbar i mean the very small bar just above all the functions (MENU/Destination/home etc.). This lower bar is indicating perfect ETA in my opinion, but the upperbar is really bad. When i stop for a red light then it says am 1 hour later then i would normally be and its fluctuating just too many times. I like to have the ETA of the lower bar in the upperbar (bigger font).

        I have found i have to disable advanced gps for it, but in that case i will disable speedcamera detection too. I dont want that.


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          I'm seeing the same problem.

          After I am going down a long stretch, say 20 miles on the interstate, the ETA information is not updating after the turn. It will say 20 miles until I get to the next turn. But under the map, where it goes from log/lat and distance, the distance to the next turn is correct.

          Also the ETA time is based on the current speed. So if you are going 1 MPH, it will compute your ETA based on that speed and now using an average speed.

          I would love it you could compute ETA using the speed on the roads and including stop time for lights and stop signs in the route. But that's asking alot.


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            Just give me the ETA thats in the bar below, then it would be fine, not the advanced eta measurement.


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              Still having this 'problem'. The ETA in the lowerbar is hard to see