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    I've been playing with MapMonkey in my car PC. I have written my own software in VB.NET embedding Mapmonkey using monkeytalk.dll. Anyways, I took it for a test drive yesterday 300 miles, and it worked nice. These are things I have seen and was wondering if anyone has answers to these questions, I'm looking on howto:

    -navigate to a destination using an address (not log/lat) or a way to turn an address into log/lat?

    -zoom in and out (2D Mode)

    -Remove the top and bottom bar (and possibly the side zoom bar)

    I didn't find how to do these in the monkeytalk.dll, but was thinking maybe I could send the key stroke to do these items to the window handler I have mapmonkey loaded in if the functionality isn't in the sdk.

    I'm working in but I can handle reading examples in most languages.

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    If you want to go all out you can use the D3 SDK to make your own interface and by-pass map monkey completely. It can do everything you want, that way.
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