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  • Destinator SDK warning!


    I purchased an SDK license and received the SDK files on the 18 of May.

    As suggested in this post, ,I replied to Rafiq Kassam, asking for the files necessary to use full sized maps. But I still haven't received a reply from Rafiq.

    I might suggest only to buy the SDK. Wait until you receive the necessary files for using full sized maps, and then buy the maps.

    At leased then you only loose $50 for the SDK!

    / Micke

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    They will delivery but it will take some time.....
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      Like thanatos106 says it make take some time but Rafiq will eventually reply. He has been getting a bit funny about handing out the dll lately probably due to the large number of requests. I had to tell him all about my project before he would send it out. I made up a story about some huge corporate system that I was going to be building and he responded pretty quickly!!

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