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  • Adding maps ??

    I just recieved the USA maps today that I ordered from and either what I read on putting the maps in to use in map monkey I didn't read right or something. I thought I needed mapmonkey and the sdk and maps. I installed map monkey and ordered the us maps and wanted to load them and check out the maps using mapmonkey with the red not for sale thing to see If I wanted to spend the extra for the SDK or just keep using my delorme software. Anyway I thought I was suppose to just find a zip file in the maps directory on the cd and unzip to the the dest directory. There is no zip file on the cd just a USA Roads directory and I copied that folder in the same folder next to the London map folder and when I choose to change maps it shows me the US map but when I click switch map it says "Your map is not registered. Please Choose another map." What am I missing?