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GPS wont work.

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  • GPS wont work.

    I recently had to reinstall XP on my car PC along with everything else. I am using a Holux GM-210 USB mouse.

    Now, when I launch MM, it will detect my location via GPS, then after about 5 seconds, a red cross appears on the position marker and voice says "GPS NOT FOUND." If I go into GPS settings, it will find the GPS on the correct COM port, but will not start it up again. If I exit MM and relaunch, it does exactly the same again.

    I have uninstalled/reinstalled the GPS drivers loads of times, but still no joy. I used this exact same setup before and had no problems.

    The green light on the GPS flashes continuously, I remember it always stayed on before.

    Any on have any ideas?

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    Check you've installed all latest releases and hotfixes.

    GPS is fickle. Unplug the reciever reboot and shut down and plug back in and fire back up.

    Check in MM configuration that you have auto detect.

    Utilise NMEA not SiRF

    Try checking the automatice GPS reconnect in MM configuration, (or unchecking it if already enabled)


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      Top man!
      Job done, thanks for your help.