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How to display Cams on Map

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  • How to display Cams on Map

    Hi all,

    Can someone please help me with a simple answer, i'm pulling my hair out.

    I have just imported all the latest cam database and can't figure out how to get them to display on the map, with or without a route planned.

    I've clicked on the Favorites menu and i have the following sub meus:
    My Favs
    Auto Alert 1
    Auto Alert 2
    imported speedcams
    my saved
    new cat

    If i select "imported speed cams" it then asks me for a name and comment to save it as, so i dont bother.

    What am i doing wrong here and can you please let us know how we can get the map to display all the cam's.

    Thanks guys, sorry if i'm being thick here
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