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Why do I always get stupid routes ??

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  • Why do I always get stupid routes ??


    I'm new to sat nav and have been trying a couple of packages out to see what works well with my laptop based setup. So far, I've tried ViaMichelin's Mapstore and D3 with MapMonkey. In both cases I often get stupid routes - i.e. taking me through a town centre to get to the other side when there is a perfectly good bypass ! I understand that ViaMichelin's problem is the poor quality of road categories (i.e. fast dual-carriageways are put in the same category as a lot of 'A' roads and therefore get assigned the same speed rating, and naturally it chooses the quickest route as it sees it), but I can't figure out why D3 does it.

    There doesn't seem to be any way of setting preferences for types of roads, like you can in MS Autoroute. All I can find is the 'avoid roads' option, which isn't quite the same !

    Are all navigation packages this annoying ? !!!

    How does D3 decide on what constitutes the 'quickest route' and do we have any say in that ?

    I'm not asking for much - I just don't want to be led down farmers lanes or through busy town centres just because the software *thinks* it's the quickest route!

    If D3 is as bad as ViaMichelin then what else can I try on the laptop ? I've heard that TomTom works well with routes, but of course... not on a pc !

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    iguidance/routis is much smarter. It has different route options and best of all it has automatic re-routing,. So if you choose to go a different way, it will automatically update (to some degree). Wonderful here in the NYC area where there is always a million routes.
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      I've learned to combine the gps directions with common sense to arrive at a decent route. I mean, if it routes you to jump off a bridge... would you?

      Agreed routis was much better


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        destinator recalculates routes on the fly aswell. It is actually very quick, even on my slow *** machine. I tend to just put a route in, then if you know its taking you a stupid way make a turn and it recalculates for the rest of the journey.


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          Originally posted by Vinister
          I've learned to combine the gps directions with common sense to arrive at a decent route. I mean, if it routes you to jump off a bridge... would you?

          If you're going to a town you've never been to before, you have no idea that there may be a better route - you *have* to follow the gps. Only when you've been there a couple of times will you possibly find out about the 'quickest way in'. ...and once you start picking (and know) your own routes to places, what's the point of the gps ? !!!

          I visit places on a daily basis that I've never been to before, and often won't return to for a year or so, so this scenario plays out daily for me !

          Besides, for the money they're asking, is it too much trouble for them to include a preferences setting ? (probably... if they managed to release a version that couldn't handle roundabouts, that says it all ! ).

          Why can't they just add a function to set preferred types of road, like Autoroute, and also an 'avoid area (unless destination point within)' to allow people to set their own local gridlock zones. It's not rocket science !

          I can't believe some of these products get tested in the field before release !