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    I just bought a BT GPS receiver (Fortuna Slim - Sirf star III chipset). I tried to set it up and work with map monkey and it is not possible.
    My Pc has not BT intergrated so I bought a BT usb adaptor (Level one the brand - the installation programm says Toshiba). My problem is that the Level one adaptor creates virtual com ports (BT gps receiver is assigned to com 41). I checked with hyperterminal there is a connection. I am not able to tell mapmonkey to use com 41. I could use a little help.

    By the way great job with map monkey. I always wondered if such a programm exhisted.

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    It's likely that with some clever reconfiguration, you can get a lower COM port assigned to the bluetooth connection that MapMonkey should like better than COM41.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      Unfortunatelly it seems 40 is the lowest it can go


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        Yo have to delete wrong ports.

        Search this forum about "remove hidden periphrals" or similar
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          If you're using Advanced GPS, simply open the Settings.ini inside the map monkey folder and change the COMPort entry to 41.
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            Thank you all for your replies. I reinstalled the BT GPS and this time I followed the custom settings and was able to install it at com port 4. Now is woking perfect. very happy with the fortuna as well very small - long life of battery.


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              It still doesn't work for me GPS works fine : i hit search gps, mapmonkey say's : gps found on com 4 with 57000, it sets the current location and then it tells me gps not found.

              If i set the port myself it tells me : com port is in use...

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