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Structure of speed camera file

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  • Structure of speed camera file

    I would like to know the field specification used into speed camera file, it's possible?

    for example, I wold like to clarify some question:

    1) the field "Type" could assume only this value?
    -DISTANCE (What does it mean?)
    -GATSO (What does it mean?)
    -MOBILE (What does it mean?)

    2) the filed "name" is a progressive number to identify the entries ?

    3) The fiels "Speed" assume non zero value only for GATSO alert ?

    4) From the Front end (mapmonkey) it's possible to add any kind (BUS LANE, DISTANCE, ....) of alert ?

    thank you,
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    1) Type can be anything at all, when the entry is is detected it will show an onscreen alert of "<TYPE> detected" and if there is a sound file called Warning1_<TYPE>.wav it will play it (If not it will just play the default)

    2) Name is simply a unique description field that is used when adding the camera to destinators favorites.

    3) Speed works for all types, if it is anything other than zero the value will be shown on the onscreen alert. Logic mode also uses this value to determine whether to play a sound or not (Logic mode means a sound will only be played if you are actually speeding)

    4) When you add a camera using Map Monkey, it is added with a Type of "Manual"
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      Thank you very much, very clear.

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